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The outcome of a four-month long OSHA construction safety enforcement program, covering Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Washington D.C., is alarming.  A whopping 59% of the 545 no-notice inspections revealed violations of OSHA regulations.  The most cited violations were fall hazards for workers on roofs, improperly constructed scaffolds, and inadequate protections from trench collapses.

With violations being found at 59% of the inspected sites, employers in the construction industry need to do more to emphasize and enforce safety procedures.  As I have stated in previous blogs, while employee safety should be a top priority and the number one reason for abiding by OSHA regulations, on a secondary level, OSHA citations can be financially devastating to contractors.  In sum, the results of OSHA’s campaign is a reminder that Employers should be ever vigilant with their safety efforts.

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