We provide comprehensive business and corporate advice to clients covering all issues, planning and solutions regarding structure, formation, operations, compliance and succession planning. We offer support and guidance to maximize returns, maintain state and federal compliance and provide the best environment possible to conduct day-to-day business operations.

We are attorneys with experience as in-house corporate and general counsel, officers, directors and board members as well as outside counsel. We bring the perspective of both the business owner and manager, and the independent advisor. As business lawyers we recognize that the law is the tool while the business is the goal. We work with clients to find ways to get things done.

Harmon & Davies' clients include multi-national corporations employing thousands of people worldwide and sole proprietorships being run out of a spare bedroom. Our services and advice are tailored to the needs and plans of the business. For example, we will recommend a limited liability company, general or limited partnership, S or C corporation at the start of a business in order to achieve the exit strategy of the owners, whether that strategy comes into play in two years or twenty.

Occasionally things change: markets, tax codes, levels of stability and aversion to risk, or personal needs and interests. We work with clients to reorganize their business holdings, utilizing the codes for tax free or deferred transactions whenever available. We help clients grow through mergers and acquisitions, and we help clients manage wealth through asset protection and dispositions. Whatever the starting point, we will help you get to your next goal.

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