We provide guidance to owners, design professionals, general and trade contractors on a variety of issues affecting construction projects. We provide legal services to clients in connection with a broad range of construction projects, such as: commercial developments, prisons, sports complexes, airports, parking garages, office buildings, schools and other municipal buildings. We are experienced in assisting clients during every aspect of the construction phase. This assistance includes, among other things: structuring and negotiating project financing, contract negotiation and drafting, contract interpretation and administration, bid disputes, obtaining required certifications, and filing and resolving mechanic's lien issues.

We represent clients in proceedings before state and federal courts, arbitration panels, mediators, and in administrative proceedings. We have litigated claims for clients related to, among other things: delay, acceleration and inefficiency, bid disputes, design and construction deficiencies, bond and lien disputes, and prompt payment.

We assist clients in addressing environmental issues that arise before, during and after construction projects. We counsel clients on hazardous materials and wetlands issues, the interpretation of state and federal environmental laws and regulations, and defend against citations for violation of those laws.

We work with the labor and employment attorneys of Harmon & Davies to address workforce issues arising on the construction site such as negotiating labor agreements, obtaining injunctions to prevent mass picketing, resolving disputes under the National Labor Relations Act, and litigating prevailing wage disputes.

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