Counsel You Can Count On - Nationwide - In Employment Law And Construction Law

Proactive Employment and Labor Law Counsel

At Harmon & Davies, P.C., our employment lawyers provide experienced legal guidance for public and private sector employers. We help you understand and comply with employment laws at the federal, state, and local levels.  We will work with you to avoid costly litigation and defend your business when litigation becomes necessary. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we work with employers nationwide.

Our employment and labor law attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience. We are proud of our long-term relationships with many of our clients, some who have worked with us for decades. Those relationships enable us to understand their business, culture, and objectives, and provide practical, proactive legal advice. Our experience and knowledge can help you too. We seek to build relationships with employers so they can turn to us for trusted counsel before and after employment law problems arise.

Our attorneys help businesses comply with employment and labor laws, and assist in matters involving:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Medical: FMLA and ADA
  • Wage and Hour/FLSA
  • Reorganization
  • Trade Secret Protection
  • Drug Testing/ Marijuana
  • Union Organizing/NLRA
  • …and More

We can help Human Resources understand legal requirements and communicate effectively with leaders, managers, and employees. To prevent claims, we can recommend compliant policies, guide you through difficult situations, and draft communications such as talking points, letters, and agreements.  When claims arise, we handle agency charges and federal and state litigation across the country.  We have a successful record of defending claims and resolving disputes.

Our Comprehensive Employment Law Services

Harmon & Davies, P.C. is Counsel you can count on for:

  • Employment disputes: We defend employers across the US in state and federal court litigation and EEOC and state agencies in employment claims. We have handled every type of discrimination claim, including race, sex, sexual harassment, disability, age,  religion, national origin, and more.
  • Compliance: We provide legal advice on compliance, strategy, and resolution of difficult human resources issues. We counsel employers in the areas of discrimination and harassment, wage and hour/FLSA, FMLA, disability and religious accommodations, temporary employment, joint employer, occupational health and safety, retaliation, trade secret protection, , employment-related torts, right to privacy and other evolving employee rights issues.
  • Affirmative action: We counsel clients on affirmative action plans and provide representation during audits, investigations, administrative proceedings and litigation involving affirmative action obligations.
  • Employment aspects of business transactions: We work with employers in anticipating and resolving employee issues arising from downsizing and reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, and ordinary business transactions.
  • Employment contracts and policies: We regularly draft and review employment contracts, employee handbooks, policies, applications, and similar documents to ensure compliance and and decrease risk of litigation.
  • Immigration compliance: We advise employers about Form I-9 and related obligations. We counsel employers on complying with the Immigration Reform and Control Act and the Immigration and Nationality Act.
  • Proactive guidance and training: We routinely provide clients with on-site legal awareness training to prevent problems before they arise and ensure compliance with training obligations. Training is specifically tailored to meet client needs. We regularly present on topics including, among others, discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment prevention, FMLA Leave, ADA Reasonable Accommodations, and FLSA Wage and Hour issues.

We are Counsel you can count on to:

  • work within your deadlines
  • understand your business needs, culture, and objectives
  • be responsive, available, and flexible
  • help you communicate effectively with your leaders, managers, and employees
  • recommend compliant policies
  • guide you through difficult situations
  • draft communications, letters, and agreements
  • handle federal (EEOC, NLRB) and state agency charges throughout the US
  • handle federal and state litigation across the US
  • interpret and apply laws from all 50 states
  • provide expert, experienced advice

Labor Law Services

Harmon & Davies, P.C. is Counsel you can count on to advocate for employers and management in cases arising under the National Labor Relations Act, such as:

  • Collective bargaining: We negotiate collective bargaining agreements and provide advice regarding the negotiation process.
  • Labor disputes: We represent management in unfair labor practice proceedings before the NLRB, in labor arbitrations, and in court proceedings to obtain relief from unlawful picketing and related problems.
  • Labor certification: We are also experienced in the representation of employers during union elections and campaigns, as well as during decertification elections.
  • Labor law training: We provide on-site legal awareness training tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We have provided training on the topics of union avoidance and the impact of the NLRA on nonunion workplaces, among others.

Our experienced labor law attorneys have represented management in state and federal courts across the country, before arbitrators and mediators, and with agencies such as the EEOC, NLRB, and the Department of Labor.

Delivering Value through Tailored Employment and Labor Law Training

Up-to-date training is essential for employers’ compliance. Over the years, we have trained hundreds of executives, managers, and employees.

Legal Awareness Training is a cost-effective measure that benefits every employer. Companies are at risk of challenges to their employment practices. Understanding employer obligations can minimize the risks of costly and time-consuming legal challenges. Training front-line managers who are often the first to face these issues can go a long way toward preventing legal disputes before they happen, and exercising damage control when incidents do occur.

Our Training Seminar Format

Training often takes place at your worksite and is tailored to your specific needs. Most programs are approximately a half-day in length, including classroom, workshop and discussion time. We can combine several seminars for convenience. Because we customize every presentation, all programs are priced individually. We make every effort to develop a program to meet your budgetary and training requirements.

Who Should Attend Our Seminars?

Anyone responsible for human resources and personnel decisions in your company should attend legal training. In addition, your front-line managers should attend. Front-line managers can react quickly to potential incidents or issues that may cause legal violations, providing both timely reporting to upper management as well as immediate containment of problems. Therefore, it is critical that they understand the significance of their role.

We also encourage you to provide legal awareness training to your executive management team. The key decision-makers in your organization ought to be aware of the complex layering of laws and regulations in human resources. Providing this information gives executives perspective to understand and align with policies and decisions to avoid legal violations.

Many of our seminar topics, such as discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment, are also recommended for all your employees. We tailor all legal awareness training to meet the needs of the audience.

Contact Us to Schedule Legal Awareness Training on Employment and Labor Law

We welcome the opportunity to present training to your staff, customized to meet your individual needs. Please contact us at 717-291-2236 to discuss legal awareness training in more detail.